Pembatasan Lokal
Sistem kami telah mendeteksi bahwa lokasi Anda berada di Uni Eropa dan oleh karena itu Anda dialihkan ke, yang melayani klien UE dan dioperasikan oleh Windsor Brokers Ltd.

Windsor Brokers awards top finance student at the Cyprus International Institute of Management’s 2017 graduation ceremony

As part of our Company’s 2017-18 “Together We Can” Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, on Friday 1st of December, Windsor Brokers representatives attended the graduation ceremony organised by the CIIM in Nicosia.

Our company granted the amount of 500 Euros to the highest achieving graduate of the MSc Financial Services postgraduate programme, Charalambos Christou.

The award was presented by Yiota Tsiokri, HR Manager of Windsor Brokers, who stated, “We are very proud to be part of what essentially marks the beginning of these graduates’ professional journeys. Being one of Cyprus’ first investment firms, and in line with our CSR mission, we feel it is our obligation to encourage and reward excellence in education.”

The initiative is one of several others to follow as part of Windsor’s CSR in education, which will aim to assist children and young adults acquire the education and skills required for them to co-create sustainable and progressive societies.


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